Let’s celebrate British Columbia’s Non-Profits!

What is #BCNonProfitDay?

October 30 has been proclaimed BC Non-Profit Day, an occasion to celebrate the non-profit sector, and create a deeper understanding of the people and communities that non-profits support. It also serves as an opportunity to recognize the dedication of staff and volunteers who work each day to strengthen our communities.

Several non-profit sector partner organizations have collaborated to mark this important day, but they are encouraging and inviting all non-profits to tell their story and celebrate the vital role that non-profits play in creating and maintaining healthy, vibrant, and inclusive communities in British Columbia.

#BCNonProfitDay honours the impactful work of non-profits across BC.

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Reasons to Celebrate

Dedicated Workforce: The non-profit sector in BC comprises nearly 335,000 dedicated workers with 87,000 employed in the community non-profit sector. A substantial portion of this workforce consists of women who are passionately devoted to serving, connecting, and supporting all British Columbians.

Economic Impact: BC’s non-profits are instrumental in fostering healthy and flourishing communities, contributing an estimated $28 billion to the provincial economy. They are incredibly diverse, offering a wide array of services – from support for seniors, childcare, and youth programs to arts, sports, food security, housing, health, emergency response, environmental initiatives, advocacy, and Indigenous supports. They also champion Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives.

Innovation and Adaptability: Non-profits continuously innovate and go the extra mile to maximize support and service delivery, catering to both day-to-day and urgent needs. Their efforts include funding meal delivery services for vulnerable seniors isolated during the Okanagan wildfires, collaborating with Indigenous communities to develop Indigenous-led programs in times of crisis, establishing community food hubs to combat food insecurity, offering support to single parents through Group Mothers Support, and providing life-enhancing activities and programs for vulnerable children, families, and low-income seniors.

Community-Centric Strength: BC’s non-profit sector’s inherent strength lies in its grassroots proximity and responsiveness to community needs. This unique position empowers them to inform government policies, programs, and funding decisions, making them influential advocates for positive change in our communities.

Join the Conversation

Let’s come together on BC Non-Profit Day – and in the days following, to celebrate and recognize the vital work carried out by non-profits, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of all BC communities.  

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